Vince Johari-Paranormal Entertainer

Vince Johari is a renowned Paranormal Entertainer, channeling his life-long experiences with spirituality, ghost hunting, and parapsychology to YOU and has created two amazing events Johari’s Window and Pre-Possessed.

JOHARI’S WINDOW is a mind act like no other.  Join Vince for a fun and insightful experience as we look through the JOHARI’S WINDOW to better understand our psychic and discover the most psychic person in the room.

PRE-POSSESSED is an immersive theatrical séance experience that reminds you of the days before radio and television where a monthly séance party was no different from a weekly sewing circle. It was an evening of entertainment to replace the all too common card game or sing-a-long.  Adults longed for contact from their dearly departed and were thrilled to glimpse beyond the veil into the spirit world.

Contact Info:


Phone:  479-253-8630 (New Orleans Hotel)

Address:  63 Spring Street  Eureka Springs, AR 72632

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