Vince Johari-Paranormal Entertainer

Vince Johari is a renowned Paranormal Entertainer, channeling his life-long experiences with spirituality, ghost hunting, and parapsychology to YOU and has created two amazing events Johari’s Window and Pre-Possessed. JOHARI’S WINDOW is a mind act like no other.  Join Vince for a fun and insightful experience as we look through the JOHARI’S WINDOW to better […]

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Eureka Springs Paranormal Tours

Address: 45 1/2 B Spring Street     Phone: 479-310-5266 Experience some of the most actively haunted sites in & around Eureka Springs. Come learn how to Hunt Ghosts, use dousing rods & communicate with the paranormal.  Join us on one of our combination van/exploration tours.  Explore inside active sites, along with hearing the rich […]

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