Vince Johari-Paranormal Entertainer

Vince Johari-Paranormal Entertainer Vince Johari is a renowned Paranormal Entertainer, channeling his life-long experiences with spirituality, ghost hunting, and parapsychology to YOU and has created two amazing events Johari’s Window and Pre-Possessed.  JOHARI’S WINDOW is a mind act like no other.  Join Vince for a fun and insightful experience as we look through the JOHARI’S […]

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Eureka Springs Paranormal Weekends

Eureka Springs Paranormal (ESP) weekends at the 1886 Crescent Hotel has evolved over seven years. What began as an opportunity for paranormal investigation groups to explore the active areas at night for one weekend in January, has grown to a two-weekend, two-hotel investigation – and not only of ghosts. View details and schedule here:

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Eureka Springs Paranormal Tours

Address: 45 1/2 B Spring Street     Phone: 479-310-5266 Experience some of the most actively haunted sites in & around Eureka Springs. Come learn how to Hunt Ghosts, use dousing rods & communicate with the paranormal.  Join us on one of our combination van/exploration tours.  Explore inside active sites, along with hearing the rich […]

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