Rebiejo’s Fresh Eats

Address: Farmers Market     Phone: 479-253-4950

We are a mobile kitchen on wheels.  We serve delicious breakfasts and lunches including breakfast tacos, burritos, omeletes, stuffed French toast, pancakes and mouthwatering sandwiches and all beef quarter pound hotdogs.  We always add our own unique twist to our dishes and use fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.  Fresh and local is very important to us.  You can find us at the Farmer’s Market in Eureka Springs on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 7AM until Noon and at the Farmer’s Market @ Holiday Island on Friday’s from 8AM until Noon.  We can be found at various events around Eureka Springs, Berryville and Holiday Island.  Follow our Facebook page for all of the information on where we can be found.

For more info email