Eureka Springs, Arkansas has been in the romance business since day one. The city was officially incorporated on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 1880—the Victorian Era–and since then has been a destination associated with beauty and romance. Today, Eureka Springs is the place to pledge your love–where romance thrives.

Most brides-to-be have a vision of their perfect wedding long before their engagement, but once they start on the serious planning, all the decisions and arrangements can feel a bit overwhelmed. That’s where Eureka Springs comes in. Known for its beauty, its eccentricity, its art and architecture, Eureka Springs is an unforgettable backdrop for weddings. In fact, due to the extraordinary number of weddings performed here every year, the city is known as the “Wedding Capital of the South.” There are dozens of caring, knowledgeable wedding professionals ready to help a bride make their special day the most wonderful day of their life.

Weddings in Eureka Springs run from the traditional romantic event set in one of the historic hotels, to more intimate nuptials in the parlors or gardens of a Victorian B&B or inn, or to the very distinctive and extremely personal weddings in caves, on horseback, at the wildlife refuge, or at one of the springs. In Eureka Springs, you can get married virtually anywhere, and anytime, you choose.

Of course, chapels and churches see their share of weddings here: one popular choice for ceremonies is Thorncrown Chapel, which was chosen as one of the top ten buildings of the past century by the American Institute of Architects. Standing 48 feet tall with 425 glass windows, and set in the peaceful Ozark woods, it’s a stunning backdrop for saying your vows. There are also small chapels found at The Passion Play, at many B&Bs, around Beaver Lake, and in converted old schoolhouses around the area.

Couples preferring an outdoor event have nearly unlimited possibilities, and spring and summer are perfect times to celebrate in the lush gardens that enliven so many of the lodging properties in town. Some lodging properties say they specialize in elopements, which are usually small and private ceremonies–just the bride and groom.
These are often couples entering into a second marriage, but sometimes “first-timers” marry privately and on impulse, because Arkansas law doesn’t require blood tests, and there is no required waiting time between the license and the actual marriage ceremony.

Wedding planners and officiants, florists, photographers and videographers are in abundant supply in Eureka Springs, so even with short notice, a couple can have a memorable, and recorded event. Couples can rent Victorian costumes or other finery for your special day, or marry in jeans or riding leathers if that’s your preference.

And, as a bonus, wedding guests will absolutely love it– they’ll return home refreshed and rejuvenated after their Eureka Springs getaway.

Arkansas Weddings

One reason we’re known as the Wedding Capital of the South is because we’ve got hundreds of caring wedding professionals ready to help make this the most wonderful day of your life.

Longing for a traditional wedding in an elegant setting, a small outdoor ceremony, or an event distinctly different and your own? Those choices are all available here in Northwest Arkansas.

We also host a lot of elopements, because Arkansas does not require blood tests before marriage. Get your license at the County Courthouse in downtown Eureka Springs in the morning and be married by a local minister after that.

We’re known as a town for romance, where love is always in the air. For an unforgettable and extraordinary event, you say “I do” and let us do the rest!

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You can get your marriage license at the Carroll County Western District Courthouse located at 44 South Main Street.    Hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, and
9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays.  (Closed on legal holidays)
1. Driver’s License or Original Birth Certificate
(Name on driver’s license must match legal name)
2. Must know your Social Security Number
3. $60 cash in exact change
4. 18 years or older: both parties
(If under age 18, please call office for information about additional requirements)

There is a drop box at the Courthouse entrance to return completed licenses after hours.   Phone number: 479-253-8646